46% increase in newly registered FDI projects over the same period
13:00 04/05/2020
In the past time, although many production and business activities have declined due to the influence of Covid-19, but activities to attract foreign investment in the province still achieved good results.

From the beginning of the year to April 20, the whole province has issued new investment certificates for 73 projects with a total investment capital of 152.7 million USD; over the same period last year, increasing by 46% in number of projects, but the capital is only equal to 31.7%.

Up to now, the province has 1,566 foreign direct investment projects licensed for investment (in effect), the total adjusted investment capital is 19,200.8 million USD. In which, there are 1,309 processing and manufacturing industry projects with a total registered capital of 18,366.3 million USD.

In the coming time, the province will continue to fully prepare conditions and invest in modern infrastructure to create a foundation to attract new-generation FDI. In particular, to focus on innovating to attract investment according to the criterion 2 “less” and 3 “high” (using less land, less labor force; high investment rate, high budget contribution and high technology content) to exploit thus, attracting projects in accordance with the province's socio-economic development planning. In order to achieve the set objectives of the program, in addition to solutions to focusing on investment, improving technical infrastructure, improving the quality of human resources, the province continues to promote reform of administrative procedures, drastically and synchronously implement solutions to improve the investment environment, effectively attract domestic and foreign investment capital./.

Collected and translated by Nguyen Mai Huong Chief of Office, Bac Ninh IZA
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