Service enterprises are "thirsty" for labor at the end of the year
08:42 31/12/2022
The end of the year with many big holidays, especially the Lunar New Year, is also the most vibrant business time for businesses in the service and commerce industry. Recruitment demand therefore increased, especially in supermarkets and banks.

In order to serve the peak production and business activities at the end of the year and the development plan in the beginning of 2023, at this time, many businesses still have a need to recruit many additional job targets with competitive salaries.

Need as much as possible, unlimited target

The end of the year is always the time when businesses in the trade and service industries race to recruit and accelerate their peak activities from now until the Lunar New Year.

Ms. Vu Thi Tu Anh, Recruitment Team Leader, MediaMart Joint Stock Company said that due to personnel fluctuations and the need for additional positions, this unit is in need of recruitment in the office block, especially the middle block in large numbers. With the office block, at the end of the year, there is not much staff change, the leave rate is low because they are waiting for Tet bonus, so they need less in this block. Particularly for the central block, there is a large personnel change, so it needs to recruit to strengthen during Tet as well as after Tet.

Due to the requirement of expanding new branches, the positions that need to be recruited are in departments of sales, cashier, and delivery. The basic salary for a sales position is from 4.3 million dong, excluding sales bonuses, commissions, and salary for cashiers from 6 million dong or more.

According to Ms. Tu Anh, the recruitment at this time is quite difficult due to competition from other recruitment units. Therefore, this unit must diversify recruitment channels such as running communication on the company's website, facebook, and recruitment website. “We also expand our search through paid channels, relying on referrals, and linking with universities, and we hope to find enough human resources for the company,” Ms. Tu Anh said.

There is also a need to recruit more seasonal workers at this time, said Ms. Nguyen Thanh Thuy, Business Manager of Coway Vina Co. Ltd., the remaining recruitment demand in 2022 needs from 50-100 collaborators. pellets. Salary will be calculated by commission and bonus, with collaborators with good work results, income will reach from 10 to 20 million dong/month. In addition, collaborators who have good productivity and want to stick with the company for a long time will be facilitated to advance to higher positions such as management, but recruitment is very difficult due to lack of personnel.

Assessing that after the epidemic is well controlled, the general level of service industries is very short of personnel, said Ms. Hoang Thanh Ha, Training and Recruitment Specialist, Vietnam Airport Ground Services Company (VIAGS), this unit is also looking to recruit a lot of candidates, even "as many as possible and unlimited quota".

Particularly from now until the end of the year, the company needs to recruit additional positions of passenger service staff, accept new graduates, salary from 6 million dong or more, salary for driver is from 8 million dong or more, in the process working in positions with more development routes, raising the salary from 15 million dong or more. According to the staffing plan in 2023, the company also plans to recruit 500 more employees to supplement and replace the retired and retired employees.

According to Ms. Ha, in order to find employees, the company is also planning to contact businesses that have to cut labor in industrial parks, but because the industry has its own characteristics, the input is still preliminary recruiting and cannot accept people massively. “Input of manufacturing enterprises is different from enterprises in the service sector, so we also have to screen. Currently, the two sides are negotiating, but in our capacity, we can only receive suitable workers, it will be more difficult for older workers, "Mrs. Ha added.

Meanwhile, in the banking sector, Ms. Khuat Thi Thao, Head of Department of Tien Phong Commercial Joint Stock Bank also said that in order to expand its business activities in Hanoi, this unit is looking to recruit 40 credit officers. With a salary of 6 - 25 million VND, freshmen or fresh graduates can join because the bank will provide additional training.

For the collaborator positions, if the job performance is good, within 3 months of evaluation, they will be able to sign a labor contract, being paid health insurance and social insurance. “We are currently recruiting a lot, but the number of candidates found is quite small, possibly due to the increasingly harsh working environment in the banking industry, while candidates have many options. The bank is also running ads, linking with other recruitment agencies to find suitable personnel," Thao confided.


Not only in the service sector, besides the difficult manufacturing enterprises that have to cut labor, many businesses in the same industry still have quite good recruitment demand. Said Mr. Cheng Ming Chun, Senior Manager, Inventec Appliances Vietnam Company specializing in the production of electronic components in Quang Minh Industrial Park, Me Linh, Hanoi, to serve the operation of the factory in Vietnam, the company is planning to recruit about 30,000 people.

Particularly from now until the beginning of next year, this unit is looking to recruit many positions of Chinese interpreter, Chinese or English legal officer, accountant, production manager, engineer, administrative staff of quality management, etc. Chinese language required.

According to Mr. Cheng Ming Chun, before the current job loss is quite common, many companies are laying off employees, so the company also hopes that this promotion and recruitment connection will contribute to attract and create more jobs for those who are looking for work.

Selex Smart Electric Vehicles Joint Stock Company (Selex Motor) is also a newly established business in Vietnam since 2018,  in Cau Giay, Hanoi – a company specializes in research and development of the smart electric motorcycle ecosystem. Ms. Cao Thi Kieu Trang, Deputy Manager of Human Resources Department of the company said that the company is currently recruiting for 30 positions, equivalent to 70-80 employees. In addition, because the factory is in the process of being put into production, demand of staffs in the production and technical block is from 100 to 150 people.

Salary for candidates will be based on each field, such as software and information technology (programming) will be from 15 to 30 million dong of salary depending on the number of years of experience, hardware segment (electrical circuit design, electrical diagram in the car), mechanical part related to chassis design, bodywork and all mechanical related from 15-25 million dong of salary, for manufacturing sector (quality assurance positions, directly assemble vehicles in the factory), salary is from 10 to 25 million dong.

Theo bà Trang, là đơn vị mới gia nhập thị trường nên việc tuyển dụng trong thời điểm này khá khó khăn. “Tuy nhiên, chúng tôi tin rằng, những người đã biết đến thương hiệu này và tìm hiểu hoạt động sản xuất của công ty sẽ ứng tuyển không phải vì thu nhập mà làm vì việc khó và dám làm, quan trọng là cùng chung chí hướng và cùng công ty tạo ra những sản phẩm có ý nghĩa”, bà Cao Thị Kiều Trang chia sẻ.

According to Ms. Trang, as a new entrant in the market, recruiting at this time is quite difficult. “However, we believe that people who have known this brand and learned about the company's production activities will apply for jobs not for income but for hard work and dare to do, importantly, we have the same will and direction to create meaningful products”, shared Ms. Cao Thi Kieu Trang./.

Translated by Nguyen Mai Huong
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