Kinyosha Vietnam Co., Ltd. (Tien Son Industrial Park) held the Employee Meeting in 2021
15:26 28/12/2020
On the morning of November 14, 2020, the Trade Union of Kinyosha Vietnam Co., Ltd. cooperated with the business leaders to organize the Meeting of Employees in 2021. The conference was chaired by Mr. Shigeru Takamatsu - General Director of the Company; Mrs. Dang Thi Hoi - Chairman of the Company's Trade Union; Mrs. Nguyen Thi Ha - Head of HR Administration; and the attention of more than 200 workers at the company.

Attending and directing the Meeting were Mr. Nguyen The Quyet - Member of Executive Committee of Vietnam General Confederation of Labor, Member of the Standing Committee of the Labor Confederation of Bac Ninh province; Chairman of Trade Union of industrial parks in Bac Ninh.

At the meeting, Mr. Shigeru Takamatsu - General Director of the Company summarized and evaluated the results of the business and production situation in 2020, and outlined the directions and tasks in 2021 and implementation solutions. In a democratic and frank atmosphere, the conference discussed and proposed measures to improve the efficiency of production and business activities of the Company and presented a number of proposals related to the legitimate rights of laborers. Mr. Shigeru Takamatsu, the General Director of the Company and the management departments - the representative of the Employer directly answered the suggestions and recommendations of employees in a satisfactory, open manner and agreed the high mind of the entire Conference.

He and his managers also emphasized and affirmed that Kinyosha Vietnam Co., Ltd. always always considers human resources as the decisive factor. The Company regularly has special salary and bonus policies to attract high-quality employees; In addition, the Company focuses on taking care of employees such as: occupational safety and health and environmental protection, annually periodic health checks, examining and detecting occupational diseases; implementing policies on social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance….; well coordinating with the grassroots Trade Union Executive Committee to well organize emulation movements and cultural, physical training and sports activities to improve working conditions for employees, to improve their material and spirit lives for the employees.

Mrs. Dang Thi Hoi, Chairman of the Company's TU reported on the results of the Company's TU activities in 2020, and launched an emulation movement to all employees in the Company to create consensus and solidarity, enthusiastically emulation labor and production, determined to exceed the goals of 2021.

Speaking at the Meeting, Mr. Shigeru Takamatsu - General Director of the Company praised the achievements that the collective of employees of the Company achieved in 2020, recognized efforts in all fields such as production organization. business, branding, promoting governance, contributing to improving production and business efficiency and taking good care of employees' lives. However, he also pointed out the difficulties and challenges in the coming time and gave specific tasks that require the Board of Directors of the Company and the collective of employees to strive more in management to increase. productivity, quality stability; ensure jobs for employees, stable income and business efficiency of the Company.

Addressing at the Meeting, Mr. Nguyen The Quyet - Member of the Executive Committee of the Vietnam General Confederation of Labor, member of the Standing Committee of the Labor Confederation of Bac Ninh province, the Chairman of the Trade Union of Bac Ninh industrial parks highly appreciated the effective coordination of the grassroots Trade Union Executive Committee with the leaders of the units in well implementing the democratic regulations at the grassroots level, organizing conferences. The annual labor force is an opportunity for employees to promote their democratic spirit to contribute their opinions on production and business, on development investment and policies related to employees. Understand and share with businesses to overcome difficulties and challenges, stabilize and develop businesses. Although the unit still faces many difficulties, the leaders of the unit always identify people as the decisive factor for the success of the business, so the leaders of the unit are always interested in the lives and income of employees to ensure the life and regenerate necessary labor.

Mr. Nguyen The Quyet suggested the grassroots Trade Union Executive Committee continue to promote creativity and responsibility, innovation in its activities; to effectively coordinate with the leaders of the units, take care and well implement the institutions, policy for employees; to build a cultural and spiritual life for employees to get better and better and successfully complete production and business tasks in 2021.

At the Meeting, 13 individuals praised by the company, 10 members were awarded certificates of merit by the Trade Union of industrial zones for "Having excellent achievements in the movement of excellent labor competitions and building a strong trade union organization in the year 2020”. The meeting also elected a representative member of the labor collective to participate in the periodic dialogue in 2021 and voted and agreed 100% through the conference resolution./.

Translated by Nguyen Mai Huong, Chief of Office, Bacninh IZA
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