The Index of Industrial Production in January 2023 increased by 10.85%
15:00 28/02/2023
According to the report of the Statistical Office, the Index of Industrial Production (IIP) in January 2023 increased quite high compared to the previous month (+10.85%) but was still lower than the same month last year (-2,54%).

Manufacture at Manutronics Vietnam Joint Stock Company (Tien Son Industrial Park)

Compared to the previous month, the processing and manufacturing industry increased by 10.90%; the production and distribution industry of electricity, gas, hot water, steam and air-conditioning increased by 8.24%; for the water supply industry, the management and treatment of waste and wastewater decreased by 2.33%.

In the processing and manufacturing industry, 15/20 secondary industries had a decrease in index over the same period, of which some industries decreased significantly such as: Printing, copying records of all kinds; producing beds, cabinets, tables and chairs; producing clothes; producing tobacco products, producing products from rubber and plastic; Producing paper and paper products; manufacturing electronic products, computers and optical products…

In the opposite direction, all production industries of essential products for the people’s consumption during the Lunar New Year increased their output to meet the consumer demand, so the production index increased, specifically: Production of beverages increased by 24.03%; production of electrical equipment increased by 32.17%...
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