Affirming the position of growth pole in the Red River Delta region
09:35 29/08/2022
After nearly 17 years of implementing the Resolution 54-NQ/TW and 11 years of implementing the Conclusion 13-KL/TW of the Politburo, the whole region in general and the localities in particular have obtained many important achievements in the socio-economic fields, the political system, national defense and security have been consolidated and the international relations have been widened; the role as one of the two economic motivations of the whole country is promoted. Located in the economic region of Hanoi - Hai Phong - Quang Ninh, associated with the Northern key economic region, Bac Ninh province develops well the potentials, strengths and flexibly applies the policies of the central and local governments, gradually rises to become an important growth pole of the Red River Delta region.

Chairwoman of the Provincial People’s Committee Nguyen Huong Giang summarized: At the time of re-establishment, Bac Ninh was a purely agricultural province, with low economic and social starting points. Since the issuance of the Resolution 54 and Conclusion No. 13 of the Politburo, the province has actively coordinated with the ministries, branches and localities in the Red River Delta region to organize the implementation of tasks and solutions in order to successfully achieve the common goal. Up to now, Bac Ninh has basically been an industrial province in the direction of modernity, many socio-economic targets are in the group of leading provinces and cities nationwide: The average economic growth rate in the period 2005-2019 reached 14.7%/year; in the period 2005-2020 reached 13.95%/year; In 2021, the scale of GRDP increased to VND 133.6 trillion, accounting for 2.71% of the whole country’s GDP and ranked 8th out of 63 provinces and cities and 4th in the Red River Delta. The budget revenue in the area increased sharply, reached VND 33,227 billion by 2021, more than 19 times higher than in 2005; is one of 14 provinces and cities that completed the construction of new rural areas... Bac Ninh has become the growth pole of the Northern key economic region, the Capital region, made important contributions to the overall growth of the whole country, become a bright spot in the whole country’s economic development. The technical infrastructure has been enhanced, and the culture - society has obtained a lot of important results. The people’s material and spiritual life is improved, the national defense is consolidated, the security, political, social order and safety are maintained; the internal affairs, anti-corruption and waste prevention have positive changes. The Party and government building work have been strengthened, the political system has been consolidated, and the people’s confidence has been enhanced.

Along with the obtained results, the implementation of the Resolution still has some limitations that need to be overcome, those are, the growth quality and efficiency is still unstable, the economy depends on the FDI sector and export of the electronics industry; The domestic auxiliary industry is small in scale and has weak competitiveness. The service and trade sectors have not made a breakthrough to increase the density, and there are no new factors to break through. The progress of implementing the large and pervasive projects is still slow. The investment in building the cultural, sport institutions, schools, and amusement parks for employees is still asynchronous and small in scale. The high-quality human resources, knowledge content, responsive technology, professional and modern working skills are still lacking. The management of the quantity of employees from other provinces and foreigners in the province faces many difficulties...

The industry-construction sector accounts for 77.3% of the economic structure

Continuing to affirm the region’s growth pole position, in order to improve the quality, efficiency and sustainability of the economy, the Resolution of the 20th Provincial Party Congress for the 2020-2025 term sets out the following objectives: by 2030, build Bac Ninh as a city with a modern and high-tech industry; one of the centers of trade-service, education, human resource training, health care, research, application and development of science and technology, meeting the requirements of the city directly under the Central government; is the driving force of development of the Northern key economic region, the Capital region and the whole country. Strive for the average growth rate in the period 2021 - 2025 from 7-8%/year; by 2025, the industry and construction density will be 74.5%, service 23.9%, agriculture, forestry and fishery to 1.6%; GRDP per capita is USD 8,900 (current price); the social labor productivity increases from 8.5-9%/year; the budget revenue reaches VND 37,400 billion; the poor household rate is reduced to less than 1%...Vision to 2045, Bac Ninh is a smart, high-tech industrial city.

At the meetings with the Steering Committee to summarize the Resolution 54, the Standing Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Chairman of the Provincial People’s Council Nguyen Quoc Chung assessed: To fulfill the above objective, Bac Ninh proposed the solutions on socio-economic development planning, in which striving to complete the Bac Ninh Provincial Planning for the period 2021-2030, with a vision to 2050, and to adjust the General Planning of Bac Ninh city to 2035, with a vision to 2050. For change in the economic structure of the locality, focusing on developing industry, agriculture, forestry, fishery, service industries with high added value associated with the urban economic development. Developing the socio-economic infrastructure of the locality, focusing on building a synchronous technical and social infrastructure system, attaching special importance to investment in modern digital infrastructure. Promote linkages between the localities in the Northern key economic region and the Capital region, as a bridge between Hanoi and the Northern mountainous provinces. Effectively manage the public investment, promote the financing and banking activities, meet the capital sources for development. Promote the cultural character and people of Bac Ninh - Kinh Bac, create a driving force for development in the new period. Strengthen investment in building the cultural and sport institutions. Continue to innovate fundamentally and comprehensively the education and training to meet the requirements for improving high-quality and integrated human resources; intensify the environmental protection and respond to climate changes... Bac Ninh proposes the Politburo, National Assembly, Government and central ministries and branches to issue a Resolution on socio-economic development and national defense and security assurance in the Red River Delta region to 2030, with a vision to 2045 as a development orientation for the provinces in the region; provide the policy of building Bac Ninh province into a city directly under the Central government; remove difficulties and obstacles in the legal regulations on Planning, construction, investment and land to soon deploy the investment and construction of key projects of the locality.

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