Implementing the assistance policy for small and medium-sized enterprises in the field of taxation and banking
16:03 01/11/2021
On October 13, the Provincial People's Committee held a conference on implementing the assistance policy for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the field of taxation and banking. Mr. Ngo Tan Phuong, Vice-Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee chaired.

Vice-Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Ngo Tan Phuong made a direction speech

In order to provide financial assistance to the enterprises to overcome difficulties caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Government promulgated many mechanisms and policies (Resolutions No. 68, 116, 105, Decisions No. 23, 27, 28, Decree No. 52). Up to now, the total assistance expenditures of the province under the Resolution No. 68 and the Decision No. 23 has been nearly VND140 billion, the assistance for extension of tax payment and land rent under the Decree No. 52 has been nearly VND3,700 billion; the banks have exempted or reduced loan interest for 2,700 customers out of a total outstanding balance of VND8,211 billion (the exempted and reduced amount is VND17.9 billion), restructured the repayment period and preserved the debt group for more than 900 customers, the total outstanding balance is VND3,437.1 billion... provided prompt assistance to the customers to overcome the difficult period and recover their production. By the end of September, the total state budget revenue achieved about VND22,087 billion, reached 79.3% of the yearly estimate and increased 1.1% over the same period in 2020; in which, the domestic revenue was estimated at VND16,465 billion; the total credit outstanding balance of the whole banking industry increased by 25.6% over the same period in 2020, the total mobilized loan capital increased by 15.4% over the same period in 2020.

The enterprises discussed and proposed the banks: Agree on a common interest rate reduction and the assistance for debt rescheduling is applied equally to all eligible customers. For the medium and long-term loans, the extension of repayment period is permitted until the end of 2021; For the short-term loans, the extension of repayment period is applied according to the maturity stage, loosen the lending conditions, review and approve the applications for the eligible enterprises, the banks apply the unsecured loans, and at the same time increase the loan limit in the form of property mortgage…. In the field of Taxation, the enterprises propose the province to quickly implement the Decision No. 27 on land rent exemption and reduction; review the land rental unit price to be appropriate. In addition to the general policy of the State, it is suggested that the province further reduces the land rent for some industries and fields that have to stop operating for a long time due to the pandemic prevention regulations. In addition, propose some issues related to electricity price, costs of COVID-19 testing, vaccination for workers, employees working in the SMEs ...

The leaders of the provincial State Bank, the provincial Department of Taxation and the related departments, branches and units share difficulties and pressures with the enterprises in the stage of production and business recovery; commit to speed up the implementation of assistance policy; enhance the benefits of the enterprises. For some issues beyond their competence, the units shall acquire, gather and report to the Provincial People's Committee and submit them to the Prime Minister and the Central Ministries and branches for consideration and solution.

On the occasion of commemoration of the Vietnamese Entrepreneurs Day, Vice-Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Ngo Tan Phuong expressed his gratitude to the enterprise community and the entrepreneurs for accompanying the executive committee and local authorities in the pandemic prevention and control, with perseverance and efforts to overcome difficulties to carry out production and business in the context of implementing social distancing, contribute an important part to the socio-economic development targets of the province. The banks and Department of Taxation to continue to open access channels and strengthen dialogue with the enterprises in order to promptly grasp difficulties and problems; regularly and effectively coordinate with the Standing committee of 3-best Group to solve problems; proactively check, propose to the Central agency the inadequacies in the policy to promptly solve; step up the thorough understanding and dissemination of the contents of the assistance policy to the beneficiaries; apply flexibly, create the most favorable conditions for the enterprises to access to the assistance packages; strengthen inspection and supervision to ensure equality in access to the policy and to the right beneficiaries. The Departments, branches and localities closely follow the direction of the Government, deploy the medical measures in the most scientific, safe, appropriate and effective manner, especially the Vaccine strategy, support the enterprises and entrepreneurs to quickly recover their production and business; soon implement the Program on socio-economic recovery and development, safe and flexible adaptation, effective control of the COVID-19 pandemic, in line with the local realities; continue the administrative reform, create an open and equal business environment for the enterprises to develop and integrate internationally.

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