Collective Labour Agreement among Korean electronics enterprises signed
09:47 27/04/2021
In the afternoon of April 22nd, Provincial Labor Confederation held a signing ceremony of Collective Labour Agreement among Korean electronics enterprises.

Provincial leaders at the signing ceremony of Collective Labour Agreement among Korean electronics enterprises.

At the ceremony, Chairman of the provincial Labor Confederation signed an Agreement with 7 Korean electronics enterprises including Samsung Electronics Vietnam Company Limited; Samsung Display Vietnam Company Limited; Samsung SDI Vietnam Company Limited; Em - Tech Vietnam Company Limited; UIL Vietnam Joint Stock Company; Sena Tech Company Limited; Galtronics Vietnam Company Limited.

The agreement clearly defines working conditions and benefits of the employees; rights, obligations and responsibilities of the involved parties. Specially, the parties agreed on the issues of salary, bonus, salary increase; allowances such as mid-shift meal, travel (petrol), house rental, babies; welfare for married workers, for the deceased who are employees or their family members.

Trade Union groups of enterprises are responsible for announcing the Agreement to all employees as well as providing guidelines for the implementation of the Agreement; mobilizing employees to strictly comply with the provisions of the labor contract, labor agreement, raise awareness for their work and so on

In his remarks, Vice Chairman of the Vietnam General Confederation of Labor appreciated the efforts of the Provincial Labor Confederation and the enterprises to the Collective Labour Agreement among Korean electronics enterprises, affirming that the agreement will bring benefits to employees as well as business growth; reduce competition and attract workers in the context of Vietnamese labor shortage in some localities. This will set a foundation for the the Trade Union and enterprises to take better care of employees while showing the good relationship between the Trade Union of Bac Ninh province and leaders of Korean electronics businesses in particular and the business community in Bac Ninh in general, he said.
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