Total investment capital attracted in 2020 of the industrial zones, export processing zones and economic zones in 11 Red River Delta provinces achieved more than 5.89 billion USD
11:21 22/02/2021
On January 15, at Bac Ninh Industrial Zones Authority, the Block of Management Boards of IZs, EPZs and EZs in the Red River Delta provinces summarized the emulation and commendation work in 2020, implementing tasks in 2021.

Leaders of the Management Boards of IZs, EPZs and EZs in 11 Red River Delta provinces signed the emulation commitment in 2021

With the theme in 2020 “Making achievements in honor of the Party Congress at all levels for 2020-2025 and major national holidays in 2020”, the units in the Block organized the emulation mobilization right from the beginning of 2020, clearly define the specific emulation contents and targets of each unit. Up to now, in 11 provinces and cities in the Red River Delta region, there have been 5 EZs with a total area of ​​188,621ha; 136 industrial zones with a total area of ​​40,100.3 ha (of which 83 IZs, EPZs, EZs were put into operation). Despite the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic, the units have basically completed the 2020 plan. The investment attraction activities in the industrial parks, export processing zones and economic zones have had many positive changes. Newly granted the Investment registration certificates to 330 projects (228 FDI projects and 102 domestic projects), adjusted the Investment registration certificates for 459 projects. The total newly granted and additionally adjusted investment capital during the year was 5.89 billion USD (FDI projects were 5.056 billion USD and the domestic projects were 0.834 billion USD).

Up to now, the IZs, EPZs and EZs in the Emulation Block have had 3,127 valid FDI projects with the total registered investment capital of 61,206.6 million USD (increased 8.11% compared to the same period in 2019). In 2020, the industrial production value of FDI enterprise block achieved 52,390.5 million USD; The domestic enterprise block achieved 123,493.0 billion VND; The export value (FDI enterprises) achieved 61,431.6 million USD, the domestic enterprises achieved 102,052.2 billion VND; contributed 51,712 billion VND to the state budget; create jobs for 1,148,174 people...

In 2021, the units in the Block continue to well implement the emulation movements launched by the Ministry of Planning and Investment, People's Committees of the provinces and cities, strive to complete the political tasks in 2021, 2021-2025 five-year plan, make a lot of achievements in celebration of the 13th National Party Congress, the 10th National Patriotic Emulation Congress. Proactively review the socio-economic development tasks and targets in 2021, build specific plans to have solutions for striving to complete, achieve and exceed the set targets. Continue to renovate the emulation form and content suitable to the specific characteristics of each agency, create motivation for cadres, civil servants, officials and employees to promote creativity, overcome difficulties, and complete well the assigned tasks. Enhance the role and responsibility of the leader in detecting, praising, commending and rewarding the collective groups and individuals with outstanding achievements in performing the tasks.

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