Trade Union of Toyo Ink Compounds Vietnam Co., Ltd. held the fourth congress, term 2020-2025
15:22 06/01/2021
Attending the meeting were Mr. Nguyen The Quyet - Member of the Executive Committee of the Vietnam General Confederation of Labor, member of the Standing Committee of the Labor Confederation of Bac Ninh province, and Chairman of Trade Union of Bac Ninh Industrial Zones; Company leaders and 255 delegates.

Toyo Ink Compounds Vietnam Company Limited is an enterprise with 100% foreign investment capital (Japan); Address: Que Vo Industrial Park; business lines: Business lines (activity): colored plastic beads, mixed color plastic beads & colored beads. Officially put into operation in December 2006.

During the past term, the company's trade union focused on implementing a number of key tasks such as: Actively coordinating with the company leaders to hold periodic dialogues to capture thoughts, aspirations, and working life, public opinion among workers, from there, promptly resolved, regimes, benefits, support and care for the employees' lives; actively visit and encourage employees to be sick, maternity, hospitable, happy ...; coordinating with the company to give gifts in cash to workers in difficult circumstances on the occasion of holidays, annual Tet, and the employee's birthdays, to give gifts to employees' children on the occasion of International Children's Day 1/6; rewarding the employees' children with high academic achievements. Financial work is carried out seriously by the Trade Union of the Company, in accordance with the instructions of the Trade Union at the superior level ...

Addressing at the congress, Mr. Nguyen The Quyet - Chairman of Industrial Zones Trade Union recognized and praised the results achieved by the company grassroots trade union in the term 2015-2020; directed the trade union of the company to work out a practical action plan, innovate the content and mode of operation, well perform the functions of the trade union to represent, protect legitimate rights and interests. Contributing to building harmonious, stable and progressive labor relationships in the enterprise.

Tại đại hội, các đại biểu đã bầu Ban Chấp hành Công đoàn cơ sở khóa IV, nhiệm kỳ 2020-2020 gồm 5 người. Đại hội kêu gọi toàn thể cán bộ, đoàn viên, công nhân lao động quyết tâm hoàn thành tốt nhiệm vụ được giao, tích cực chăm lo đời sống vật chất và tinh thần cho công nhân lao động, thực hiện thắng lợi Nghị quyết Đại hội Công đoàn Công ty lần thứ IV đề ra, tất cả vì sự phát triển bền vững của Công ty./.

At the congress, delegates elected the Executive Board of the grassroots trade union term IV, term 2020-2020, including 5 people. The Congress called on all officials, union members and workers to be determined to fulfill their assigned tasks, actively take care of the material and spiritual lives of workers, and successfully implement the Resolution of the fourth congress of the Company Trade Union, all for the sustainable development of the Company./.
Translated by Nguyen Mai Huong, Chief of Office, Bacninh IZA
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