Bac Ninh affirms role as growth pole in the Northern key economic region
14:21 24/09/2020
(BNP) - In term 2015 - 2020, Bac Ninh has carried out many breakthrough mechanisms and policies to promote economic growth towards sustainable development. With the economic scale getting bigger and bigger, Bac Ninh is grouped in the leading provinces and cities nationwide and has become an important growth pole of the Capital Region and the Northern key economic region.

Following Resolution of the twelfth party congress of the Communist Party of Vietnam, Bac Ninh focused on implementing 06 key tasks and 03 strategic breakthroughs. In 2017, Bac Ninh city was recognized as the province’s Class-1 city; Tu Son was recognized as Class-3 urban in 2019; Que Vo will be Class-4 urban in 2020. 3 wards were founded including Hoa Long, Kim Chan, Nam Son (Bac Ninh city). Nhan Thang commune in Gia Binh district was recognized as Class-5 urban...

During 5 years, the province has constructed and completed many key projects which are of great significance to its socio-economic development such as Quan Ho Bac Ninh Folk Songs Theater, Palace of Planning - Architecture, intersection of Yen Phong Industrial Park with Highway18, intersection in the Southwest of Bac Ninh City, Phat Tich - Dai Dong Thanh Bridge, Dam pagoda.

The Education and Training system is given priority for the comprehensive and modern development making Bac Ninh an attractive destination for universities around the country including University of Law, University of Pharmacy, University of Natural Resources and Environment, University of Foreign Trade, University of Business and Technology..., which lays out a foundation for Bac Ninh to become a regional center for researching and training high-quality human resources. E-government and smart city have also been attached great importance with initial achievements.

On the other hand, Bac Ninh focused on restructuring the economy in association with growth model innovation towards promoting comparative advantages and competitiveness so as to become the growth pole of the capital region and the northern key economic region. Electronics and high-tech industries have become key industries in industrial development, making Bac Ninh a center of electronics and high-tech industries of the country. Thanks to its innovative mechanisms and policies, Bac Ninh has been home for investors from 37 countries and territories with advanced and modern manufacturing industry namely Japan, Korea, EU, US, etc. The foreign investment attraction, as a result, ranked 6th nationwide with 1,542 FDI projects in validity and total registered capital of USD 19.7 billion.

In the coming years, Bac Ninh will promote its position and expand the connection of the growth pole in the Capital Region by drastically reforming the administration, improving the business environment; building synchronously technical and social infrastructure system; settling environmental pollution; taking opportunities of the fourth industrial revolution, applying science and technology, developing high-quality human resources and enhancing the cultural identity values of Kinh Bac, thus making Bac Ninh basically a centrally-run city in the direction of civilization and modernization.
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