09:47 27/12/2021
Bac Ninh Industrial Zones Authority presented at the Conference on Deployment of Work Tasks of bac Ninh Province in 2022

In 2021, the international situation is complicated and there are many unfavorable factors; world economy, global trade growth slows; The Covid-19 epidemic is unpredictable with new strains... affecting the production and business activities of enterprises nationwide in general and enterprises in Bac Ninh industrial park in particular, especially those in industrial zones. FDI enterprises.

Received the attention of central ministries and branches; the close leadership and direction of the Provincial Party Committee, People's Council, People's Committee of Bac Ninh province; the close coordination of relevant departments, agencies, branches and localities in the province; the leadership and flexible operation of the collective Leadership of the Management Board of Bac Ninh Industrial Parks (IZs), along with the solidarity and high determination of all officials, public servants, public employees and employees agencies, the Management Board of Bac Ninh Industrial Parks have successfully completed the assigned political tasks, accompanied businesses in their efforts and proactively overcome difficulties and challenges. The Management Board of Industrial Parks has advised the Provincial People's Committee to report to the Prime Minister to update and supplement the industrial zone planning, ensuring that the area of ​​the approved development planning for 16 industrial zones in the province remains unchanged.

 In 2021, there are 06 industrial zones approved by the Prime Minister with the investment policy and decided to establish by the People's Committee of Bac Ninh province, bringing the total to 15 IPs decided to establish with 24 industrial park infrastructure projects licensed. invest. Up to now, 10/16 IPs have been put into operation, attracting over 1,700 secondary projects with a total investment capital of 22.1 billion USD. In 2021 alone, Bac Ninh industrial zones will attract 121 domestic and foreign projects, with a total newly and adjusted capital of 1.73 billion USD, 57% higher than the 2021 plan. In which, it is noteworthy. are large FDI investment projects such as: project of Amkor group (Korea), investment capital is about 530 million USD (Yen Phong II-C Industrial Park); 04 FDI projects (Singapore) with a total investment of nearly 199 million USD, invested in Thuan Thanh III industrial zones, subdivision B, Nam Son - Hap Linh, Yen Phong expansion. Indicators of industrial production value (1,244,500 billion VND), revenue (1,332,500 billion VND), export value (38 billion USD), import value (26.5 billion USD) and budget contribution (12,500 billion VND) of 1,150 active secondary projects all achieved and exceeded an average of 6% compared to this year's plan, making an important contribution to the growth of 6.9% GRDP of Bac Ninh province.

In the face of complicated developments of the Covid-19 epidemic, in order to realize the dual goals under the direction of the Government in Resolution No. 128/NQ-CP, strictly implement the direction of the Provincial People's Committee; The Management Board of IZs is particularly interested in the prevention of the Covid-19 epidemic in the IZs. Maximize the role and activities of the Steering Committee and 04 working groups for epidemic prevention and control of the agency. Simultaneously, effectively operating 40 inspection teams, now 20 inspection teams for the prevention and control of the Covid-19 epidemic, established under the Decision of the Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee. Advise the Provincial People's Committee to issue 54 documents directing and guiding epidemic prevention and control in industrial zones. Actively coordinate with relevant units to promptly grasp, guide and inspect industrial zones in carrying out the prevention of covid-19 epidemic; coordinated handling of f0 cases at 150 enterprises. Certification of means of transport for labor for 530 enterprises. Organized 03 training courses and instructions on epidemic prevention and control for all enterprises in the industrial park by online form with 1,000 bridge points through Zoom Meeting software. Synthesize needs and coordinate in deploying vaccination for workers at enterprises. Maintain the operational efficiency of the 3rd fastest response team, the business support working group.

In addition, the Management Board of Industrial Parks performs well the state management of industrial zones. Promote administrative reform, maintain the provision of online public services at level 3 and 4 with nearly 50% of administrative procedures falling under the jurisdiction of the Board, registering 38.46% of administrative procedures. generated dossiers to comply with the "5 on-the-spot" mechanism at the Provincial Public Administration Center, exceeding the requirements of the province. Other tasks are carried out in a timely manner, in accordance with current regulations of law.

However, the work of advising the provincial leaders to promptly solve some problems in operation in industrial zones still has some limitations, such as: social infrastructure, technical infrastructure outside the fence of the industrial zone has not been invested in synchronous construction, not keeping up with the development of industrial zones, leading to traffic congestion and overload in some industrial zones; Lack of housing for workers and social security facilities to serve the lives of workers in the industrial park, cultural institutions have not been invested in such as kindergartens, schools, hospitals, etc. often land clearance still faces many difficulties; The price and fee for subleasing land of industrial park infrastructure companies in recent times are high, even too high compared to the common ground, affecting the investment environment of the province. The procedures for establishing the expanded Tien Son Industrial Park (Tan Hong - Hoan Son Subdivision), Que Vo and Que Vo Industrial Parks have not yet been completed (Development zone and adjoining areas), leading to enterprises belonging to the boundaries of industrial zones. This company has not yet enjoyed the same incentives as for industrial park enterprises. Slow to advise the Provincial People's Committee on amending the Decision 60/2008/QD-UBND dated May 9, 2008 of the Provincial People's Committee on regulations on the position, functions, tasks, powers, organizational apparatus and staff of the Provincial People's Committee. manage.

Implementation of the Resolution of the 20th Provincial Party Congress; On the basis of analyzing the international and domestic context, it is determined that 2022 will be a year of many difficulties and challenges, especially the unpredictable developments of the Covid-19 epidemic situation, following the Decree No. Decision 128/NQ-CP of the Government, regulations on epidemic prevention and control of the Central and the province, and at the same time, in order to promote the achieved results, strive to overcome difficulties, strive to complete excellently. assigned political tasks, organize the implementation and exceed the set targets, in 2022, the Management Board of IZs will focus on implementing a number of key tasks and solutions as follows:

Firstly, strengthen the campaigning and promotion of investment in industrial zones. Sticking to the spirit of the Resolution of the 20th Provincial Party Congress, Resolution No. 50-NQ/TW dated August 20, 2019 of the Politburo on orientations to perfect institutions and policies, improve quality and efficiency. foreign investment cooperation results by 2030; the criteria 3 high - 2 low of Bac Ninh province. Effectively implement the Project on attracting investment to Bac Ninh province in the period of 2013-2020, with a vision to 2030 in Decision No. 293/QD-UBND dated 12/8/2013, with the views and orientations to attract investment as follows: The following: Priority is given to attracting projects using modern, environmentally friendly technologies, saving resources and energy, generating large budget revenues, improving the living standards of workers and people, ensuring social security, large investment rate, positive spillover effects on socio-economic development, creating high added value. Investment ensures harmony between economic benefits and solving social, environmental, security and defense issues and social order and safety. To ensure a harmonious balance of economic development between the North Duong River region and the Southern Duong River region; inside and outside the concentrated industrial zones. Investment projects must be consistent with regional spatial development orientations and regional functions.

Secondly, strictly implement Resolution No. 128/NQ-CP, dated October 11, 2021 of the Government promulgating the temporary regulation "Safely adapting, flexibly, effectively controlling the COVID-19 epidemic"; Decision No. 512/QD-UBND, dated December 3, 2021 of the People's Committee of Bac Ninh province on the issuance of temporary guidance on COVID-19 disease prevention and control at educational and training institutions "Safe adaptation , flexibly and effectively control the COVID-19 epidemic” in Bac Ninh province. Continue to maintain the operational efficiency of the agency's Steering Committee for Covid-19 Prevention and Control, the Third Fastest Response Team, and the Business Support Working Group. Managing the activities of 20 inspection teams for Covid-19 epidemic prevention and control established under the decision of the province. Regularly follow the IP area, promptly grasp and coordinate to handle f0 cases at enterprises. Coordinate and support vaccination for workers in industrial zones.

Thirdly, always accompany, support and promptly remove difficulties and obstacles for enterprises in production and business activities, in order to complete and exceed the targets in 2022. Reviewing projects after the investment license is granted, and resolutely terminate the project operation and revoke the investment certificate in necessary cases. Continue to support the entry, reception and isolation of foreign workers coming to work in Bac Ninh province during the time Vietnam announced the Covid-19 epidemic. Implement Directive No. 09-CT/TW, dated September 9, 2021 of the Secretariat on the attraction, management and effective use of foreign workers in Vietnam and the Plan of the Management Board of the foreign workers in Vietnam. Industrial Park on implementing Directive 09-CT/TW.

Fourthly, perform well the post-investment state management. Enhance information exchange, grasp the operation situation of enterprises, improve the efficiency of state management of information security and social safety. Actively and closely coordinate in ensuring security and order, fire prevention and fighting in industrial zones.

Fifthly, to step up administrative reform, especially administrative reform, to ensure that administrative reform is centered on people and businesses. Striving for 100% administrative procedures to implement online public administrative services at levels 3 and 4 to meet the actual needs of businesses and people. Increase the percentage of administrative procedures performed "5 on the spot" at the provincial HCC Center. Strengthen the application of information technology in management, administration and organization of tasks.

Sixthly, amending and promulgating the Regulation on operation of the agency, consolidating the organizational structure. Review and amend internal rules and regulations related to the operation of agencies and units. Implement well the cadre, finance, salary, emulation and commendation work,... Focusing on training and retraining to improve the qualifications in all aspects for the contingent of cadres and civil servants. agency officer.

Seventhly, concretize the Party's guidelines and lines, strictly implement the direction of the Party Committee, coordinate with mass organizations to build a clean and strong party, government and union organization.

Thank you very much./.

Written and translated by Nguyen Mai Huong, Chief of Office, Bac Ninh IZA
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