Safety measures against Covid-19 epidemic at production establishments and factories in Bac Ninh province
09:26 12/08/2021
In order to enhance economic efficiency, ensure the prevention and combat of COVID-19 epidemic and the conduct of production and business activities, ensure the working environment is safe for workers, The Industrial Zone Management Board (KCN) of Bac Ninh province conducts continuous inspections at the CTY in the CN zone, while also guiding the safety and prevention of plague at the production and plant sites in the region the results are very active.

Synchronous coordination and the positive time:

TheIndustrial Zone Management Board of Bac Ninh provincehas carried out a inspection plan of 40 working groups from June 1st, 2021 to June 18th, 2021 to inspect 808 enterprises, which examine a leased enterprise group and tenant enterprises. In particular, there are 49 businesses having factories for rent with 187 businesses renting factories (measured on turn: one enterprise rents multiple projects in various industrial zones, some of which have been checked but re-evaluated along with the factory lease enterprise.

In fact we have inspected 732 enterprises and 13 enterprises will be checked from June 21st,2021 to June 24th, 2021 in Phu Thai factory; The 63 enterprises which have not been inspected by the company's leadership are absent and fail to appoint the correct working units, the enterprises that lease workshops but lease out the entire workshops, the enterprises which are suspended from operation, the enterprises which provide labor services, protection services and services but have laborers working at the inspection enterprises. The total number of employees in 732 inspection enterprises is 128,288, of which 5,968 are foreigners. Most enterprises take initiative in formulating plans and comply with provincial epidemic prevention regulations. In addition, the management board has actively coordinated with the response team of the Provincial Health, Public Security Department, KLD District committee, Bac Ninh City, evaluating the return to work condition of 09 firms having F0 cases. Dasan Precsision Product Vina Limited, reviewed the 46% risk of average infection, examined the quarantine area Jang Won Tech Vina LTD., 04 enterprises with F0, examined the preventive services assessment at 02 enterprises.

Industrial Zone Management Board of Bac Ninh province continues to coordinate with the Provincial Health Services and people's Committees of the district/town/city in supporting enterprises in restoring workers to safety and favorable work. Assess the impact of the epidemic on enterprises' production and business situation. Find in-time solutions to support enterprises fighting the epidemic and soon recover and develop their business.

So far, the epidemic has been controlled for all intents and purposes, but never ignore the  prevention of disease, in the industrial zones or in the accommodations of people...

Difficulties in inspection

The process of inspecting and guiding safety conditions to prevent and control the Covid-19 epidemic at the above production facilities and factories in the local: when inspecting a number of large businesses such as Samsung, Foxcon, Canon, we realise they have dormitories for workers but their capacity meets only about 10% of the worker's accommodation requirements. Most businesses do not have worker hostels; The laborers have to rent their own lodgings at high densities; Many migrant workers are ethnic minority, and are psychologically afraid of losing their jobs, or not having wages if they must be quarantinedincorrectly and therefore it is really difficult to observe.

In addition, it is difficult to obtain weekly compulsory tests for the employees of the enterprise. Enterprises with small numbers of workers find it difficult to invite the testing teams to the company but also going to concentrated places to test may face the risk of cross-contamination. The pandemic  is complicated in both Bac Ninh and Bac Giang, the local authorities have established several roadblocks (both soft and hard locks), many petitioners, many roadblocks required to be tested (-) with SARS-CoV-2 (especially drivers of cargo etc.) for the transit of the vehicle, while the units send results for a short confirmation, allowing the movement of the workers. Although already prepared by the Management Boards of IZs, workers are also be checked and reported by; Coordinate with the Special Working Group of the Ministry of Health and the Department of Health in training and guiding all members of the working team before going out to inspect the enterprise. But because this is the new issue, many of the contents, which are outside existing laws, need checking, guiding, and monitoring, it takes a long time for each enterprise to check.

In addition, for the lease enterprise and the tenant enterprise, mainly those with a small number of workers, but many of them renting at the same factory, there is a large number of workers. A factory renting enterprise has only protection or entire facility, making it difficult to connect against the general epidemic in the entire workshop area.

 Proposed solutions

In view of the difficulties in the inspection and guidance on the safety conditions for prevention and control of Covid-19 in the production and plant in the locality, as well as in response to the emerging situation of the epidemic, the Working group shall propose to the Provincial People's Committee to appoint the Management Board of Bac Ninh Enterprises in coordination with branches and localities to guide the enterprise in planning and plan on the prevention and fight against the epidemic in a new situation according to the contents of Decision No. 208 / QD of June 15, 2021 and Official Dispatch No. 1782 / UBND-XDCB of June 17; enterprise leaders approve plans on prevention and epidemicity in the enterprise's new situation and take responsibilities for themselves.

 Also, the supervision of the implementation of the plan and plan on prevention and control of epidemic in the new situation and the large number of enterprises shall require the implementation in the short term; The management also has no medical expertise to examine it. Therefore, the district/city/district People's Committee was asked to take the lead in coordination with health, and the Industrial zone Management Board considered only checking and guiding a number of new enterprises to return to their operations in the new image.

Picture 1.The room is inspected strictly by inter-sectoral coordination to ensure the implementation is followed efficiently:

Picture 2.The accommodation of workers is neat and cleaned carefully


Picture 3. The workplace where disease spreads easily and is being tested by the inspectors in a serious and methodical manner

Translated by Nguyen Mai Huong, Chief of Office, Bacninh IZA
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