Scientific Talk Show on industrialization, modernization and private economic development in the province
08:32 31/12/2022
On the morning of December 12, the Provincial Institute for Socio-Economic Development Research in collaboration with the National Economics University held a scientific Show with the theme: "Industrialization and modernization on the basis of new tecnological science and creative innovation; Private economic development of Vietnamese people in Bac Ninh province: Current situation and orientation to 2030”.

The Talk Show aims to provide important information for 02 state-level scientific research topics, including: "Industrialization and modernization on the basis of new tecnological science and creative innovation" and "Vietnam's private economy in new development orientation and vision" led by National Economics University.

At the Talk Show, the members of the National Economics University listened to the leaders of the provincial departments and agencies present an overview of the socio-economic development situation of Bac Ninh province in recent years; results of industrialization and modernization; scientific and technological development and creative innovation in service of industrialization and modernization in the province; evaluation of the results of the development of industrial parks, high-tech parks, private economic development in the province and development orientations to 2030, with a vision to 2045.

Delegates also exchanged, discussed and clarified the role of private enterprises in socio-economic development, industrialization and modernization on the basis of science, technology and creative innovation in Bac Ninh province; model of smart factory development; development of hi-tech industrial parks in association with urban areas; the selection of core businesses to attract satellite businesses…

Translated by Nguyen Mai Huong
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