Vice Chairman of Provincial People's Committee works with HCL Technology Group (India)
13:38 14/12/2021
In the morning of December 8, Permanent Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Vuong Quoc Tuan received and worked with HCL Technology Group (India) led by Mr. Ravi Vajpeyi, Director HCL Vietnam in researching business cooperation opportunities in Bac Ninh.

Permanent Vice Chairman Vuong Quoc Tuan presents traditional craft village product to the HCL Technology Group.

Speaking at the meeting, Mr. Ravi Vajpeyi sincerely thanked for the respectful reception of the provincial leaders. He said that over 40 years of establishment and development, HCL Technology Group has now 19 industries in operation in the field of information technology with more than 187,000 employees in 50 countries around the world. Officially operating in Vietnam from January 2021, HCL Vietnam has now 300 employees working in technology fields such as training in the field of information technology, Cybersecurity, artificial intelligence creation, digital analytics and more... and supporting more than 20 HCL partners globally.

In the coming time, the Group hoped to receive the support from Bac Ninh’s leaders as well as functional departments so that the Group has an opportunity to cooperate with the province in the field of information technology, provision of human resources for HCL Vietnam. On the other hand, the the province could introduce about development, information technology and industrial areas for the Group, Mr. Ravi Vajpeyi added.

For his part, Permanent Vice Chairman Tuan welcomed HCL Technology Group to visit and research cooperation opportunities in Bac Ninh province. At the same time, he said that with the goal of striving to build Bac Ninh as a leading province in high-tech development, especially electronic technology, semiconductor technology, over the past time, thanks to the province's potential and strengths, Bac Ninh attracted many large projects of 38 countries and territories to invest in Bac Ninh with over USD 21 billion...

He desired the Group would study, exchange and cooperate with the province as well as training units, high schools, intermediate schools, vocational colleges in Bac Ninh in the field of information technology, thereby, contributing to improving the quality of the province’s human resources.

The relevant departments and branches create the best conditions for the Group to survey and cooperate in investment in the shortest time, thereby contributing to building Bac Ninh province into an information and high technology research and transfer center of the country, Tuan asked.

On this occasion, the Group visited and surveyed at Bac Ninh Industrial College and Bac Ninh High School for the Gifted.
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