Goertek Vina overcame difficulties for production growth
15:41 10/03/2022
Experiencing a year with many fluctuations due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, together with the enterprises in the province in 2021, Goertek Technology Vina Co., Ltd (Que Vo Expanded Industrial Park) had to face many difficulties and challenges in supply chains, commodity markets, workers’ health... But it determined that the goal of “dual task” is two important issues for the company, thus overcoming those negative impacts, Goertek Vina has concentrated all resources to maintain its production and business development, while strictly implementing the measures to prevent and control the epidemic, promoting the revenue growth.

Vaccination against COVID-19 for workers

General Director of the Company Yoshinag Kazuyoshi shared: “During the process of overcoming the pandemic, Goertek Vina has always received the attention and direction from the provincial leaders and related agencies, departments and branches that helped Goertek Vina in particular and the enterprises in general to overcome difficulties, continue to invest with confidence in production and business, and complete its set targets and tasks. Especially the immigration work for its experts, helped the unit have high-quality human resources and the production chain was always maintained”. As a result, Goertek Vina’s production, business and operation results in 2021 increased by 20.4% over the previous year. The total number of employees of the company is 32,118 persons, their income and employment are always stable. For the epidemic prevention and control, as soon as the fourth COVID-19 epidemic broke out, with the direction of the Provincial People’s Committee and Bac Ninh Industrial Zones Authority, the Company quickly implemented the drastic, active and flexible prevention and control measures, timely updated the works of the Board of Directors and instructions of the establishments, departments and branches. The Company built an anti-epidemic plan, arranged for the employees and workers to implement the “3 on the spot” plan at appropriate times in order to ensure human resources for production. Next, as soon as the Government issued the Resolution 128, shifting the anti-epidemic work to safe adaptation, the Company also quickly restored its production and business activities, reaching 100% of the productivity as before the epidemic. The Company also actively built, formed 3 concentrated isolation areas for F0 at 3 hotels in Bac Ninh city with a capacity of about 400 persons. Regarding vaccination for workers, Goertek Vina has always received the attention from the Provincial People’s Committee, Bac Ninh Industrial Zones Authority, and the Department of Health. Currently, the number of workers and employees who received the 2nd doses reaches 97%, the number of workers and employees who received the 3rd doses reaches 85.6%.

Besides its production and business activities, in the past the years, Goertek Vina has always paid attention to social security activities. In 2021, the Company spent more than VND 6 billion in visiting and encouraging F0 and F1 employees, families of the employees with difficult circumstances. Responding to the campaign of the whole people to participate in the operation and fight against the COVID-19 epidemic, Goertek Vina supported more than VND 3 billion to the Fatherland Front Committee of Bac Ninh province and Bac Ninh CDC.

In 2022, the world and regional situation continues to be complicated and unpredictable because the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has not ended, so Goertek Vina focuses on performing a number of key tasks. Continue to implement effectively the measures to prevent and control COVID-19. Increase vaccination of 2nd and 3rd doses for workers and employees. Ensure the room security, fire prevention and firefighting and environment. At the same time, do well in social welfare and welfare work in order to improve the live of the workers and employees. Striving to obtain revenue of USD 3.39 billion, the investment capital increases by USD 260 million. In order to obtain the set goals, along with appropriate and adaptive solutions from the enterprise, the Company wishes to continue to receive the support from the province, local branches to accompany the enterprise during the production and business.
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