Do not allow inspection more than once a year for the enterprises
15:48 10/03/2022
At the Directive No. 02/CT-UBND, the Chairwoman of the Provincial People’s Committee requested the agencies to have responsibility to coordinate with the Provincial Inspectorate in building the Inspection plan; strictly implement the Directive No. 20/CT-TTg dated May 17, 2017 of the Prime Minister on reorganizing the inspection activities for the enterprises.
Controlling the inspection activities, ensuring a favorable business environment for the enterprises

When building, approving the annual inspection plan, the situation of inspection more than once a year is not allowed for the enterprises. In case of unexpected inspection when there are signs of law violation, only issue the inspection decision when there are obvious signs of violation; the inspection conclusions must clearly identify the nature and extent of violations.

In the case of detecting that the inspection content and scope has overlap, coincidence with another inspection agency or the State Auditor, the Head of the inspection conducting agency must promptly report it to the Chairwoman of the Provincial People’s Committee in order to have appropriate solutions to avoid overlap, coincidence and ensure inheritance in operation between the agencies and units.

The Departments, branches and district-level People’s Committees must agree with the Provincial Inspectorate on inspection plan and officials participating in enterprise inspection. In case of inspection of Covid-19 epidemic prevention and control, it must ensure effectiveness, practicality, correct scope and content, actively support the enterprises and report the results to the Provincial Inspectorate for general summarization.

The Heads of the agencies must strictly control the contact process of the cadres at the enterprises, all cases coming to work with the enterprises, must have or consent of the leaders of the agencies, units.
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